MAPRO® is a manufacturer company with over 30 years of experience.

We supply kinds of metal components and finished products to the

European and Middle Eastern Industries.

MAPRO is located in the city of Izmir / TURKEY. We are so near to the Izmir international airport and port. We have a wide range of metal-working technologies available.


We work together with Turkish companies to supply finished products as customer's specifications.


80% Of our production is being exported to; Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Iran, Algeria and Tunisia.


We are a medium sized flexible company, with a long experience in a wide range of metalworking and finishing technologies.


We are specialized in Metalworking, Machining, Pressing, Moulding, Deep drawing, Welding, Tube bending, Assembly, Coating, Powder Coating, Aluminum and plastic injection, Assembly and Packaging.


We would be glad to give you our best price offers for producing your small / mid size quantity orders in high quality standarts.


Our aim is to supply finished products to World market. Our location in Turkey guarantees low labour costs and short leadtimes to the European countries.